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Title "Wing Tips"

Picture Vermont

To the hunter who has never had the opportunity of matching wits with one of the "old timer toms" he just can't imagine how really smart they can be. I really believe they can think. I've had them pull stunts that made me look silly.

I am sure most turkey hunters have heard the do's and don'ts before, but to be successful in turkey hunting, you have to use every trick to tip the scales to your advantage.

Luck may occasionally be a factor in other types of hunting but it rarely has anything to do with bagging a wild turkey. It takes planning, patience, and skills to bag a gobbler.

There is no doubt that turkey hunting is hard work. It can be frustrating at times and it will make your hair stand on end. It is also a sport that will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment, even when you leave the woods without a turkey.

There is a good feeling about a beautiful spring morning and a tom gobbling in the distance. It is these rewards that keep me coming back to one of the greatest challenges of hunting.

Whether you're a master of the sport or new to the game, if you want to be a successful turkey hunter, master these tips:

My choice of calls are Sweet Seduction Turkey Calls; they work.

One good sounding box call, one slate call and a half a dozen diaphragms are my spring selection. It may not match every turkey hunter's list, but for me it gets the job done.

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